Weekly inflation hits 18.58% as prices of 19 items rise

Inflation in the country rose 18.58% in the first week of the current month (December 3 to December 9) compared to the same period last year after 19 items, including the Electricity, LPG, cooking oil, gasoline and diesel, have seen significant price increases, according to data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

However, compared to the previous week (November 26 to December 2), inflation fell slightly, albeit by 0.07%.

Compared to the previous year, consumers paid 75.32% more for electricity, 65.43% more for LPG and 61.26% more for a five-liter pack of cooking oil 5. Vegetable ghee 1 kg increased by 58.14%, mustard oil 55.29%, vegetable ghee increased by 2.5 kg. 55.25%, toilet soap 45.85%, gasoline 44.35%, diesel 34.93%, men’s sandal 33.37% and chili powder 33.00%.

In contrast, consumers bought onions 31.99% cheaper than the previous year, tomatoes 27.61%, legumes 25.03%, potatoes 17.64%, chicken 12.80% and 6.28% cheaper eggs.

Compared to the previous week, the prices of tomatoes (13.37%), chicken (10.59%), potatoes (4.48%), LPG (2.96%), sugar ( 1.03%), gur (0.51%), wheat flour (0.46%), mustard oil (0.27%) and eggs (0.26%) fell.

In other words, while LPG and mustard oil became cheaper compared to the previous week, they sold for much higher prices than last year.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) publishes a weekly sensitive price indicator (SPI) as well as monthly inflation data.

Inflation rose from 9.5% to 11.5% in November, the highest peak in 20 months, according to PBS.

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