Waaree Energy Storage System Announces Partnership with Zypp Electric, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

New Delhi: Waaree Energy Storage System has partnered with Zypp Electric to supply lithium batteries to strengthen the latter’s two-wheeler category. This partnership will harness clean energy technology with innovative high-tech battery management to create an eco-friendly logistics ecosystem, according to a company statement.

“The Waaree Energy Storage System (WESS) expands lithium battery offering to strengthen Zypp Electric’s two-wheeler category and facilitate advanced energy solutions,” the statement added.

The tailor-made system with remote monitoring will provide an integrated view of battery assets and complete delivery performance to ensure seamless operations and profitability.

This collaboration will fuel the massive adoption of green last-mile delivery and drive the transition to reducing the carbon footprint in the automotive industry, he said.

“We believe this partnership will allow greater penetration of clean energy among industries and propel the growth of reliable electric two-wheelers for last mile delivery,” said Shiv Nath, MD, Waaree ESS Pvt Ltd in the communicated.

Akash Gupta, CEO of Zypp Electric, said in the statement: “With proven expertise in electric mobility solutions, our partnership with Waaree ESS will allow us to accelerate our growth and increase our fleet of electric scooters by 10 d ‘by 2023. ”

Waaree ESS has been a pioneer in responding to demands for lithium batteries to contribute to the country’s ambitious green energy development plan.

Zypp Electric is one of the leading electric vehicle last mile delivery startups, founded in 2017. The company currently delivers groceries, drugs, food and packages through their fully automated IoT and compatible scooters. AI.

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