Uwajimaya flagship store remodeling | Architect’s Review

Project description

Working in tandem with the executive, merchandising and store management teams for Seattle’s iconic Asian grocery chain, Uwajimaya, Cushing Terrell developed a series of floor plan options to revitalize the retailer’s flagship store. downtown. “We’ve been meticulously focused on reimagining our Seattle store with elements that revolutionize the shopping experience while keeping a deep connection to our rich 90-year history,” notes Denise Moriguchi, CEO of Uwajimaya.

“Uwajimaya,” adds Kara Eberle, Project Manager for Cushing Terrell, “has been a unique and immersive shopping destination for generations for both tourists and loyal local shoppers. The goal of the flagship store renovation was to further strengthen their brand and reputation as a premium supplier of Pan-Asian products while modernizing and enriching the in-store experience. This involved finding a balance between maintaining the original character and making the market more welcoming to buyers looking to experience Asian foods and flavors for the first time. Updates to the store layout focused on improving sightlines and overall navigation with improved lighting, signage, and more intuitive product adjacencies.

The meeting planning effort was aimed at the following objectives:

– Help the century-old brand embrace experiential retailing Illustrate the quality of Uwajimaya’s products, including their unique offerings of Asian-inspired raw ingredients in produce, meat and seafood

– Develop a new layout that is more easily understood by new customers who want to experience Asian cuisine without alienating Uwajimaya devotees who have been shopping in the store for generations

– Showcase unique household items and health and body care offerings

– Celebrate the beauty and quality of fine sashimi and poke offerings

– Improve store security and deter shoplifting

– Improve overall sight lines in the store, inviting shoppers to discover new flavors with every trip

– Enhance and improve the retail brand experience while maintaining the unique charm of the store

– Increase access and availability of take-out offers

Once the layout plan was chosen for the 59,416 square foot store, the Cushing Terrell team continued to assist the project by providing equipment coordination services, lighting design assistance and mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services. Highlights include a new sashimi island and poke bar, demo station, direct entry to the colorful produce aisle with views of enhanced meat and seafood selections, home and seafood areas. updated and integrated beauty, an improved purchase flow and departure experience, expanded deli offerings, energy-efficient refrigeration, equipment and lighting, and more.

Cushing Terrell Design Team
Kara Eberle, Project Manager and Head of Design
Alice Wang, Head of Architecture
Mike Amestoy, Mechanical / Plumbing Engineer
David Sodini, electrical engineer

Consulting team
Store Planning: Cushing Terrell
Architect: Hoshide Wanzer
Mechanical Engineer: Cushing Terrell
Electrical Engineer: Cushing Terrell
Lighting: Collaboration between Cushing Terrell and Hoshide Wanzer
Structural engineer: Swenson Say Faget, Dan Say
Interior designer: Hoshide Wanzer
General contractor: Abbott Construction

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