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Birthday cake

Not all birthday cakes say “Happy Birthday”. The message on Dyan Fried’s cake read, “Dyan, will you marry me?” The original proposal was written by Steve Simon, MD A twin cake was available for Dyan’s response; she wrote, “Yes, Steven.”

Steve Simon and Dyan Fried

Dyan, born and raised in Key Biscayne, is the daughter of Joy and Mort Fried, who have resided in Key for over 30 years. Dyan, dental hygienist, is a graduate of Forsyth Dental Center and George Washington University. Steve has been an island resident for three years since graduating from medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The couple met on the beach in Key Biscayne two years ago.

[Dyan and Steve were subsequently married in November 1982 and have four children: PJ, Arielle, Brett, and Jared. In November 2022, they will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.]

Scout cookies

Allison Eng, Maria Mendez and Madelaine Gonzalez

Allison Eng, Maria Mendez and Madelaine Gonzalez

The Girl Scouts have been selling cookies all over the island for a week and a half. Last Friday, they delighted customers with their goodies in front of Key Biscayne Bank.

Upper carriageway tolls

The Rickenbacker Causeway toll plaza removed wrapper at 12pm on Monday morning to reveal increased fares for crossing the causeway. Signs announce that the toll is now 50 cents per car, down from 25 cents previously.

Dade County Toll Supervisor Horace Clark reported mixed reactions to the rate increase. Many people acted like the rate hadn’t gone up and just added a quarter, he said. Others complained and some just paid their money without a sound.

Additional toll attendants have been brought in to monitor each booth to ensure the new fare is enforced. The extra people will stay at the counters for a few days until the bells and flashing lights announcing that the toll has not been paid are noticed by those who are used to paying a quarter.

art students

Sean Greene, JoAnn Young and Joanna Kramer

Sean Greene, JoAnn Young and Joanna Kramer

The Key Biscayne Community School Art Class will present artwork at the Key Biscayne Art Festival on Friday, February 12.

Art teacher JoAnn Young is seen with Sean Greene and Joanna Kramer, who will be exhibiting pencil prints. Tempera painting will also be exhibited. Sixth graders Victoria Garcia, Tracey Wester and Jennifer Coleman will assist Ms. Young at the booth.

Video game fever

The video craze has spread across the country, providing children and adults with additional gaming activities. With fashions coming and going, from generation to generation, it’s controversial.

About two weeks ago, a video arcade, housing five electronic games, opened in the Esplanade shopping center. Louis Menendez, playroom manager, said: “We think the playroom is great for the kids and I monitor the playroom on a daily basis. It is forbidden to drink, smoke and talk badly while the children are playing the games.

The cyclist pedals DC

Jeanne Regan

Jeanne Regan

In July, Key Biscayne resident Jeanne Regan will cycle to Washington DC as part of “Cyclists to End World Hunger.” Departing from Fort Lauderdale, Jeanne and her team of riders will be part of a national group of cyclists that will include groups departing from Denver, Seattle, San Francisco and Austin, Texas.

On August 9, the teams (totaling approximately 150 runners) will converge on the Capitol building in Washington where they will meet with politicians and other officials concerned with global hunger issues. The next day, they will leave for New York, where they will present a check to World Relief, an organization that provides food and agricultural technologies to hungry countries around the world.

Each runner must demonstrate a personal commitment to ending world hunger by raising $5,000 in pledges and sponsorships.

William Powell

Dade County Department of Public Works Director William Powell was the Chamber of Commerce breakfast speaker on Thursday, February 25. Powell explained the many functions of the department and how they relate to the Rickenbacker Causeway and streetlights.

Art Festival Reception

Harry and Wendy Wood

Harry and Wendy Wood

The artists said it was the best thing anyone had ever done for them, and most people who attended the reception at L’Esplanade shopping center on Friday night agreed.

Excellent food was in abundance, all served with love, as well as jazzy music which a few people chose to dance to. When the awards for the best performing artwork were announced, the winning artists were cheered on by the 700 people in attendance. There was a lot of chatter between old friends and also artists who became new friends.

What do you think of further development on Key Biscayne?

Delores Charbonneau

Delores Charbonneau

“As long as they keep the landscaping nice and make sure it blends in well with the rest of the key, then that’s fine. Everyone wants the best view, so it gives more options for people to buy.