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Canton of Union unanimously approve several business points at their board meeting.

The meeting took place on November 10 at 7 p.m. at the Hotel in the Canton of Union.

One of the items that was approved was the scheduling of the public hearing on the adoption of the fiscal year 2022 budget for Tuesday, November 23.

Another item approved at the meeting was the construction contracts with Isabella Corporation in the amount of
$ 284,802 for the upgrade / rehabilitation of pumping station no.7 and sealants for municipalities and contractors (MCSP) in the amount of $ 66,900 for the rehabilitation of the manhole of the collection system from the service area of ​​pumping station no.7.

According to a request for action form from utility manager Kim Smith, “Completion of this project will directly benefit users of the McDonald Drive # 7 pump station service district and the entire sewer system. of the township by increasing the performance and reliability of the station through the replacement of aging station components. Implementing the 2018 report’s suggestions will help minimize the impact of potential future flooding on the sanitary sewer system.

A first reading of the new gas and / or electricity franchise ordinance proposed by the Consumers Energy Company was also approved.

According to a request for action form from Township Director Mark Stuhldreher, “The current franchise agreement with Consumers Energy for electricity and natural gas distribution services within the Township has been adopted by the Board of Directors. on February 26, 1992 as Ordinance No. 1992-1. The term of the current agreement was 30 years, which
will end in early 2022.

Consumers Energy officials reached out to township staff in October to work on establishing a new 30-year agreement. After a number of updates to a first version of the proposed ordinance, the updated ordinance was approved by Consumers Energy.

“Passing the proposed ordinance to extend the Consumers Energy franchise agreement for another 30 years would allow the company to continue providing electricity and natural gas distribution services to township customers,” the form says. request for action.

A second reading and adoption of the ordinance will probably take place at a future meeting.

Finally, a second reading and adoption of the proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance were approved.

The first reading took place at the board meeting on October 27.

Here is a summary of the proposed order:

  • Part 1 (Title) establishes the title of the ordinance.
  • Part 2 (Amendments to Section 2.2) adds, removes and revises various zoning definitions.
  • Part 3 (Amendments to Section 3.4) amends the permitted land uses in the land use table.
  • Part 4 (Amendments to Sections 3.6 to 3.11 and 3.13 to 3.18) adds, removes and revises permitted land uses, dimensional standards and references in various zoning districts.
  • Part 5 (Section 4.2 Amendments) updates the dimensional standards for Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts.
  • Part 6 (Changes to Section 4.3) updates several dimensional standard footnotes.
  • Part 7 (Amendments to Section 6.16) corrects regulatory conflicts in subsection A.
  • Part 8 (changes to section 6.18) updates the service station development standards.
  • Part 9 (Amendments to Section 6.19) updates the standards for home occupancy and limited home businesses.
  • Part 10 (Add a new section 6.22) adds standards for the spatial planning of employment centers in business districts.
  • Part 11 (changes to section 6.31) updates the standards for the development of outdoor storage.
  • Part 12 (Amendments to Section 6.34) updates the layout standards for public and institutional buildings.
  • Part 13 (Amendments to section 6.37) updates the standards for second living accommodation on a farm.
  • Part 14 (Amendments to Section 6.38) updates the self-storage standards.
  • Part 15 (Amendments to Section 6.45) corrects regulatory conflicts in subsection A.
  • Part 16 (Amendments to Section 6.47) removes and replaces the existing section in its entirety with a new section to establish regulations for outdoor rest areas.
  • Part 17 (Add new section 6.52) adds standards for day care centers.
  • Part 18 (add new section 6.53) adds standards for food trucks and food trucks.
  • Part 19 (add new section 6.54) adds standards for medical marihuana caregivers.
  • Part 20 (Amendments to Section 7.5) updates the standards for accessory buildings and structures.
  • Part 21 (Add new section 7.20) adds standards for the shape and composition of buildings.
  • Part 22 (Amendments to Section 9.2) updates the off-street parking standards.
  • Part 23 (Amendments to Article 11.3) corrects a typographical error in the text.
  • Part 24 (Amendments to section 11.4) deletes and replaces the text of subsection E with a new reference to a new section 11.14 (Non-conforming signs).
  • Part 25 (Amendments to Article 11.6) updates the provisions relating to signs associated with religious institutions, other institutional buildings and public buildings.
  • Part 26 (Amendments to Sections 11.11, 11.12 and 11.13) corrects regulatory conflicts.
  • Part 27 (add new section 11.14) provides updated standards for non-conforming signs.
  • Part 28 (Amendments to Article 12.3) updates the provisions for non-conforming contiguous lots belonging to the same owner.
  • Part 29 (Amendments to Section 14.1) corrects regulatory conflicts with Section 7.5 (Incidental Uses, Buildings and Structures).
  • Part 30 (Amendments to Section 14.3) simplifies the approval process by allowing the Planning Commission to have final authority to approve or deny a special use request.
  • Part 31 (Repeal) confirms the repeal of township ordinances or parts thereof which conflict with the provisions of this ordinance.
  • Part 32 (Severability) confirms that the elements of this order are severable according to law.
  • Part 33 (Publication) confirms that the publication requirements of state law will be met.
  • Part 34 (Effective Date) establishes the effective date of the ordinance, based on the adoption and publication requirements.

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