Town of Kyle provides update on water and electricity services

Any current power outages in Hays County are not part of progressive power outages and should be reported to the utility. (Courtesy of Adobe Stock)

The town of Kyle said the water pressure in its water system is rising and starting to stabilize, but residents should still limit water use to emergencies only, which does not include dripping faucets or flushing toilets.

A boil water advisory is still in effect, as required by the Texas Environmental Quality Commission, as the water pressure in the system has fallen below 20 pounds per square inch after Repeated and prolonged power outages at several water production sites, the city said.

Once the city’s water system stabilizes, it will take about 48 hours for state-mandated testing before the boil water advisory can be lifted. More information is available online.

The city said there is currently no evidence of contamination in Kyle’s water system, but it is still recommended that water be heated to a boil for at least two minutes before consuming it. Uses requiring boiling water include drinking, washing hands and face, brushing teeth, etc.

Bottled water and other suitable sources remain an alternative to boiling water.

The following Kyle area utilities are also subject to a boil water advisory:

Power outages

Because the Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ended rotating power outages, the remaining outages are not part of a scheduled outage and should be reported to utility.

Some 1,600 customers of the Pedernales Electric Co-op in Hays County are still without power, according to Outages can be reported online or by calling 888-883-3379.

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