The weirdest items confiscated from airports in 2021

Transportation Security Administration screeners have no doubt seen plenty of naughty passengers attempting to board their flights with water bottles, oversized shampoos, and the occasional penknife. But what about more unusual potential contraband?

The TSA has released its craziest confiscated items list for 2021, and the boy took the cake last year.

“From pepper spray to meth-rritos, our officers have found some truly unusual items,” said the The TSA tweeted, revealing in a video montage the 10 most bizarre objects they confiscated last year.

“They have worked hard to keep travelers safe as they return to the skies,” the TSA added in its tweet.

The TSA does indeed protect us. From wacky to bizarre, the items on this bizarre no-no list will leave you wondering, “Who thought they could travel with this?”

Here are the top 10 TSA catches (aka weirdest confiscated items) for 2021:

  • Chainsaw – Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (New Orleans, La.)
  • Bottle Holder (Gun Shaped) – Sacramento International Airport (Sacramento, CA)
  • Fireworks – Syracuse Hancock International Airport (Syracuse, New York)
  • Machete — Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (Arlington, Va.)
  • Bear Spray – Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (Okaloosa County, Florida)
  • Cleaver—Harrisburg International Airport (Harrisburg, PA)
  • Gun Loop – Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • Methamphetamine Burrito — William P. Hobby Houston International Airport (Houston, Texas)
  • Pistol – Newark Liberty International Airport (Newark, New Jersey)
  • Bullets in deodorant – Atlantic City International Airport (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

As many begin to plan their upcoming Valentine’s Day, spring break, and summer travel, it’s important to remember to pack strategically. Simple tricks like grouping liquids into smaller, travel-sized containers and storing them together can save you time in long security lines.

Want another pro tip? Keeping all your essential documents in one place and within easy reach will also save you headaches. (We recommend using a folder or large pouch that can fit in your carry-on.)

Above all, try to have a good attitude at the airport. In addition to confiscating certain items, the TSA has “zero tolerance for unruly behavior, especially those involving physical assaults occurring on aircraft.”

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