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Talbott Electric founder Joe Talbott (right) with Floyd Allen in this undated photograph. Talbott started the business in a shed behind his home at 1384 Dominion Street in Pasadena in 1924. (Courtesy photo)

Local family business Talbott Electric will close its hardware store after nearly a century of providing electrical services and repair work in Pasadenans.

Kirk Talbott, chairman of Talbott Electric said Pasadena now the company decided to close the retail store due to high operating costs.

“Unfortunately, it’s just costing us too much money,” Talbott said. “So I basically lost my lease and I just can’t keep doing it. “

According to Talbott, the store, located along E. Washington Boulevard. will only work until Saturday October 9th.

He said, however, that the company will continue to provide on-site electrical services and repair work to its customers.

“The phone number, emails and website all remain active and can always reach us and get service, regardless of their service needs. “

Talbott Electric’s hardware store has been in Pasadena for 97 years.

“It started in 1924. My grandparents lived at 1384 Dominion, which is about two blocks from where the store is now. There was a separate garage. And then behind the garage, [my grandfather] built a hangar where he ran the business, ”recalls Talbott. “And when he started it, the company was called JE Talbott. His name was Joseph. It was until about 1960, I believe, when the company was formed by my father and grandfather and became Talbott Electric.

In addition to providing electrical services and repair work, Talbott Electric also sells lighting fixtures and electrical supplies to its customers.

Talbott repairers line up for a group photo in this undated image. In the photo, Dick [unknown surname], Frank Arko, Bill Jeffords and Bill Whitney. (Courtesy photo)

Talbott admitted that keeping the business alive is difficult, not only because of the high operating costs, but also because most people prefer to shop at home improvement stores such as Home. Depots and Lowe’s.

“It’s just unfortunate, but, you know, everyone wants to save money when they buy stuff and they don’t want to go anywhere else and they want a lot of help, but you can’t get a lot of money. help, you know, big stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

A deciding factor that prompted the company to close its store was the high cost of electrical supplies, Talbott said.

“The manufacturer, they don’t even sell the parts and the price of the parts is so expensive, they just want you to buy a brand new item.”

Talbott thanked Talbott Electric’s loyal customers and pledged to continue to take care of their electrical service and repair needs despite the closure of its store.

The Talbott Electric store is the third local family-owned retail store to close since 2014, when Berg Hardware on Villa Street closed. Crown City Hardware on Allen Avenue closed in 2017.

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