Service station, convenience store planned for Alliance’s Meijer

ALLIANCE — Plans for the city’s new Meijer store include a gas station and convenience store, an outdoor garden center and a self-service pharmacy.

Documents released by the City of Alliance show that Fairmount Properties, the Cleveland-based developer leading the Carnation City mall redevelopment project, has submitted applications to the city’s Planning Commission for conditional use for sales packaged liquor and outdoor sales and display at 2500 W. State St.

The developer has also requested setbacks of 370 feet and 200 feet for the convenience store and a setback of 99 feet for the gas station, which will need to be approved by the city’s Zoning Appeals Board.

The hypermarket will be nearly 160,000 square feet, according to a concept site plan. Meijer will sell alcohol in the main establishment and convenience store, pending city approval.

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Other notable features of the concept plan include nearly 550 parking spaces and a designated area for online shoppers to pick up goods. Three new commercial buildings are appearing on the west side of Meijer, but it is unclear which retailers will occupy them.

Meijer’s gas station will be one of many on State Street. Others include GetGo, Sheetz and Marathon.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based supermarket chain is set to serve as a key anchor for the mall’s redevelopment project. Meijer will occupy 20 of the 45 acres being redeveloped.

City planning and economic development manager Joe Mazzola previously told The Alliance Review that the “preliminary” plan was for Fairmount Properties to lay the groundwork for Meijer to take over by the end of 2022. from there, he estimated that the hypermarket would take another year to open.

Meijer operates approximately 250 stores in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana. The hypermarket sells an assortment of products, such as food, household products, electronics, and clothing.

Fairmount Properties is expected to develop the remaining 25 acres of the mall property. The developer has completed several mixed-use projects in Hudson, Cleveland and Kent.

Fairmount’s website says it approaches mixed-use development projects in suburban areas with the goals of “enhancing the voice of the existing community and creating a sustainable hub.” This process includes bringing in national and regional tenants who meet the needs of the region.

City Manager of Safety and Utilities Mike Dreger said Fairmount will eventually submit an official site plan outlining what the Meijer facility will look like.

The Carnation City Mall redevelopment is a highly anticipated project for Alliance City. The mall, which opened in 1983, has fallen on hard times in recent years as many tenants have vacated.

The Zoning Appeals Board will consider Fairmount’s variance requests on Tuesday, February 15 at 4:30 p.m. in the second-floor conference room of the City Administration Building at 504 E. Main St.

The Planning Commission will consider applications for conditional use on Wednesday, February 16 at 4:30 p.m. at the Alliance Area Seniors Center at 602 W. Vine Street. The start of this meeting will begin with public hearings on the applications.

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A look at the plans

Alliance City released documents on Wednesday showing plans for a Meijer retail store at the Carnation City Mall site. Fairmount Properties requested the intervention of the city’s planning and zoning departments, and the map of the proposed commercial area was prepared above the existing mall property. Those viewing the map can see where certain aspects of the new development will be in relation to the existing mall. The Meijer store will be located well off State Street, while the retailer’s gas station and its own separate retail operation will be along the property line, east of the McDonald’s restaurant. Here is some specific information found on the card:


Starters – The store will have Meijer’s standard two-entrance configuration, one for customers entering the grocery side of the building and one for other parts of the retail operation, which typically includes a personal care department, clothing, bedding and bath departments, and areas such as pet care and entertainment.

Large car park – The car park will have 536 spaces. A space with charging stations for electric vehicles will be included. Parking spaces marked as “fast move” parking will be located between the two entrances. A separate eight-space lot on the west side of the building will be set up for curbside pickup.

Bike carriers – A bike rack will be located at the east front of the building.

Pharmacy – A car-accessible pharmacy window with an awning is planned on the east side of the building.

Garden center – A large garden center sales area will be located along the east side of the building, south of the pharmacy window.


Fairmount Properties’ proposal for the mall space includes retail buildings to the west of the new Meijer store. Four individual buildings appear to be connected, with Dunham’s Sports appearing to remain within its existing facilities. Three buildings will surround Duham’s, with a 24,000 square foot site to the west and 25,000 and 17,500 square foot sites east of the sporting goods store. These retail stores will have a separate marked parking lot with 310 spaces.