Schneider Electric announces the winners of the ‘Electric Energy Challenge’

Schneider Electric, leader in energy management and automation, today announced the names of the winners of the ‘= S = Electric Energy Challenge’

September 24, 2019, Cairo, Egypt – Schneider Electric, a leader in energy management and automation, today announced the names of the winners of the ‘= S = Electric Energy Challenge’. The second and final round of the initiative saw eleven teams compete for the top three places, showcasing their innovations and smart solutions to six sustainability issues, namely smart buildings, energy, water, mobility, utilities and factories. The initiative was launched by Schneider Electric Egypt in collaboration with Innovation @TheEdge and the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, through the “Fekretak Sherketak” program and Falak Startups.

The initiative’s first place went to the Proteinea team on the idea of ​​breeding insects with the aim of replacing fishmeal in aquaculture and animal feed with protein made from sustainable and more environmental insects. Second place went to Division X, for the idea of ​​creating quality inspection systems integrated with the Industry 4.0 revolution using machine vision and deep learning technologies to help companies to digitize and automate tasks more accurately, at low cost and to save time.

Finally, the third prize was awarded to Influx, for their innovation of cylinder of solar cells installed in a vertical position reflected and multiplied by sunlight within the result of the multiplicity of these reflections generate electricity and double the reflections produce more energy with less cell space.

In addition, the incubation awards that will receive training for their ideas from Schneider Electric are Vision for smart energy, Dizaria energy and Joudran.

Following the announcement of the winners of the first three places, a cooperation protocol was signed between Schneider Electric Egypt and the “Sherketak Fekretak” program and Falak Startups to launch a national energy challenge initiative to present innovative ideas and solutions, with the aim of supporting energy management, sustainable development objectives and entrepreneurship.

“The idea of ​​’= S = Electric Energy Challenge’, which was held for the first time in Egypt, was first presented by Schneider Electric Egypt and was very well received by all responsible for the business. When we first announced this idea in May, we were surprised by the large number of applicants, which reached 150 applicants from different categories, whether students, startups or faculty. university and candidate categories varied between teams and individuals, ”said Walid Sheta, president of the regional cluster for Egypt, North East Africa and the Levant.

“We were extremely excited about the ideas presented by the candidates. During the first round of the initiative to select the 11 preselected participants, we encountered selection difficulties given the high quality of the ideas that were sometimes very similar.

We have placed selection rules, including a solid knowledge of smart city issues, the presence of innovative solutions to serve technology, an understanding of the nature of the region’s markets, as well as the team’s ability to develop her skills and the product she is. its development and success in selling it in the future; also providing a feasibility study for the solutions provided, ”confirmed Sheta.

The announcement of the winners of the ‘= S = Electric Energy Challenge’ is part of the activities of Schneider Electric’s ‘Cairo Innovation Summit 2019’, which was held for the second time in Egypt.

A session was devoted to the eleven shortlisted participants to present their innovations and intelligent solutions to six problems linked to sustainable development, in front of a committee of experts including Sylvain Paineau, director of the EMEA business incubation; Jean-Louis Stasi, Senior Vice President, Innovation @TheEdge; Mohamed Saad, Director of Human Resources, Schneider Electric; Ayman Saeed, Director of Business Transformation, Middle East and Africa, Schneider Electric; Karima El-Hakim, Head of Business Development and Investor Relations, Falak Startups; Eslam Mohamed, director of the entrepreneurship service center, “Sherketak Fekretak”.

During the initiative’s winners announcement session, Jean-Louis Stasi, Senior Vice President for New Products at Innovation at Innovation @ TheEdge, said: “Young Egyptians presented bold ideas to achieve a smarter and more sustainable future in resource management. . The selection of the winners for the first three places was difficult, in particular with the presence of 8 to 9 very striking ideas.

“As a major energy player in the world, Schneider Electric has a better knowledge of the rules and requirements of the market; thus, our support to the participants of the ‘= S = Electric Energy Challenge’ will not be limited to rewards. financial, because we will also be a link between these innovators and world energy experts, ”he added.

The first three winners of the ‘= S = Electric Energy Challenge 2019’ received financial prizes, ranging from 40,000 EGP to 100,000 EGP, in addition to having the possibility of being incubated at Schneider Electric Egypt as well as access at Schneider Electric exchange program.

In July, Schneider Electric announced the shortlisted winners of the ‘= S = Electric Energy Challenge’, which included eleven participants. These winners were trained by a group of specialized engineers on how to present their ideas and make modifications to get more strength and efficiency for these ideas during implementation.

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