Queensland woman recycles her dining table with Bunnings items

A mother from Queensland has revealed how she ‘saved thousands of dollars’ on her designer-style dining table by spending just $ 250 at Bunnings.

A woman from Queensland has revealed how she managed to save thousands of dollars by remodeling an old dining room table using products valued at $ 250.

Katie Johnston, 42, was on the hunt for a new dining table to match her newly renovated Hamptons-style home in Brisbane.

However, after doing a quick Google search, the mother-of-three found that the look she was going for would cost her around $ 2,000 to $ 2,500 – and instead decided to put her DIY skills to the test. .

The 42-year-old decided to recycle her existing wooden table, which comes to me from her mother-in-law and is over 20 years old.

“I started out by making a small coffee table – I thought I would see how I would do with that before I made the dining table,” she told news.com.au

“And I was impressed. It turned out pretty good.

“I did so much research on the different techniques you can use, but I chose to use an undercoat primer.”

Katie said she used three products from Bunnings to transform the table, as well as sanding pads and sheets and a wooden brush specifically for varnishing.

With the help of her traditional husband, Katie unscrewed the top of the table and the seats of the chairs.

She then used an electric sander to remove the old varnish and was “amazed” by the color that was hiding underneath.

“I kept sanding it using sanding pads and paper too and I was like ‘oh damn, this is exactly the color I wanted,'” she said.

She then added a few coats of Monocel varnish (light wood), before turning her attention to the furniture legs.

She gave them a light sanding with 250 grit sandpaper, before applying two coats of Bulls Eye undercoat and primer, two coats of Taubmans Easy Coat in white and finishing with a varnish when everything was dry. .

“I purposely used the primer and undercoat because it prevents the yellow varnish from seeping in,” she explained.

Katie said that while she was confident in herself, especially with the advice of her traditional partner, she was “blown away” by the quality of the results.

“This is the perfect result that I wanted to achieve,” she said.

She also shared before and after snaps of her transformation into a popular Bunnings Facebook group with over 2,500 likes and hundreds of comments from other DIY enthusiasts.

“Fantastic catering – looks like a whole different restaurant setting,” one person wrote.

“Huge makeover to your dining room,” wrote a second person, while a third added, “Love it looks great. You did a fantastic job.

Others were inspired to recycle their old dining tables.

“It sounds unreal. I practically have this exact table and chairs and I’m so sick of them. You gave me inspiration, ”said one woman.

Katie said she was overwhelmed by all the positive feedback, but was happy that she was able to inspire others with her hands-on work.

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