The Ontario Affordability Fund Trust, which distributes energy saving kits (pictured) as well as Energy Star appliances and other upgrades, will end for Cornwall Electric customers on 31 July 2020 due to an overwhelming response to the program. (Newswatch Group / Bill Kingston, file) CORNWALL – A provincial program inRead More →

LOS GATOS, California, May 19, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Thync, a leader in pioneering research-based neurostimulation-focused technology, today announced the launch of Zing energy, the first disposable neurostimulation patch for alertness and energy, after more than four years of targeted research and development by a team of scientists andRead More →

POTSDAM — City Council members passed their first local law on Tuesday evening in the form of a six-month moratorium on the request, permitting, construction, development or installation of energy storage systems by battery in the city. The city of Potsdam’s battery energy storage moratorium, which passed unopposed following aRead More →

PLYMOUTH, Michigan – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Shiloh Industries (NASDAQ: SHLO), an environmentally-focused global provider of weight reduction, noise and vibration solutions, continues on its path to carbon neutrality with two additional facilities using 100 certified renewable electrical energy %. The facilities, located in Olofström, Sweden and Oss, the Netherlands, joinRead More →

BOULDER, Colorado – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – A new report from Navigant Research examines the utility and government energy efficiency market, providing global market forecasts for programmatic spend and annual capacity by region and customer segment through 2028. Where traditional energy efficiency programs focused on replacing lighting systems and devices, machineRead More →

BAE Systems is collaborating with Jaunt Air Mobility to explore the development of electrical energy management systems for urban air mobility vehicles (UAM) through a Memorandum of Understanding. UAM is an aviation industry term for on-demand and automated passenger or cargo air transport services, typically performed unmanned. During this collaboration,Read More →

On July 18, 2019, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued Order No. 860. The Order requires entities having or seeking market-based tariff authority (sellers) to submit certain data related to market power analyzes of FERC, including its indicative screens and appendices on assets. , in a “relational database” maintained byRead More →

Alternative Transmission Inc. (ATI) recently asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to assert jurisdiction over the transfer of electrical energy from one state to another that does not involve the use of transmission cables. or cable corridors. ATI also requested that it be treated as a “utility” under PartsRead More →

Calculation of possibilities When it comes to renewables, production and storage are two facets of technology that must be addressed simultaneously. For the latter, the development of electric cars and lithium-ion battery storage projects seems to be the number one factor. Yet compared to their fossil fuels counterparts, the futureRead More →

LAUREL, Maryland – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Hawkins Electric Services, Inc., the award-winning family-owned regional electrical contractor that helped bring electrical service to the Washington, DC area, announces it is celebrating its 100e year in business in 2018. In 1918, at a time when less than 35% of American homes hadRead More →

The University of Colorado at Boulder and the City of Boulder announced Thursday, February 2 that they have finalized the terms of an agreement, subject to city council approval, for future electric utilities if an electric utility owned by the city was beginning to provide services to customers in Boulder.Read More →

Determined to find qualified and competent people for its growth Arizona company, Austin Electric Services turned to the Home Builder Association of Central Arizona who introduced them to Refugee Focus and the International Rescue Committee. These organizations help displaced people who have fled their countries of origin due to conflictsRead More →

JD Electrical Services in Toronto Concord Ontario (PRWEB) September 29, 2014 JD Electric changed its name to JD Electric Services. JD Electric Services is an electrical contractor in Toronto, serving the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario for 30 years. The name change is the result of a positive change inRead More →

THE first two trains of the new electrification scheme connecting Liverpool and Manchester have arrived in the city for driver training. This coincides with the 184th anniversary of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, which, when it opened on September 15, 1830, was the world’s first double-track passenger intercity railway. TheRead More →