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While it’s important to feel at home aboard a giant and sometimes overwhelming ship, there are a few items you’re not allowed to take on a cruise. In a previous YouTube episode of Life Well Cruised, Ilana Schattauer explained the five prohibited items on a cruise and the five other items you can happily leave at home.

Five prohibited items:

Iron and steamer

Ilana said: ‘You can’t bring an iron on a cruise and that’s because it’s a fire hazard.

“On some cruises you will have a self-service laundry where you can go and use the iron.

“But many don’t, if you need your items ironed you have to take them to the dry cleaning service while on the cruise.

“It’s normally around £5 for a suit or evening dress.”

Coffee maker or kettle

“It comes up a lot, I guess people like to have a kettle in their cabin,” the expert said. “But on most cruise ships, that’s not expected.

“However, what you can do, if you like coffee or tea, you can order it from room service.

“Of course you can also walk around the ship and have coffee or tea at the buffet or in the main dining room.”

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Candles or incense

“Of course it’s a fire hazard and a huge no-no,” said the cruise expert. “On a past cruise, my parents had a neighbor burning incense in their cabin, and it was reported.”

Power strip or extension cable

“Don’t bring an extension cable or adapter that isn’t surge protected,” she continued, and it must meet cruise line requirements.

The reason for this is that although outlets look the same as those in our homes, the way they are wired is different.

If you used a standard surge protected strip and there was a surge, it will start a fire due to the difference in wiring.

And because they pose a fire hazard, they are confiscated to ensure everyone’s safety.

Extension cords must be less than one meter in length.

Five items you don’t need to bring:


“Yes and no,” Ilana commented. “You will receive – if you are in a standard cabin – the bases, shampoo and conditioner and shower gel.

“If it’s good for you, you have nothing else to contribute.

“Something to note, you can bring a full size bottle on your cruises.

“And I have a little tip or trick that you can use, if you have a hairdresser that you go to regularly, ask them if they have any sample conditioners or hair treatments, because of the sea ​​water and chlorinated swimming pool water, you will find that your hair will really dry out during the cruise.”

Beach towels

“You don’t need to bring beach towels on your cruise, you can save space in your luggage,” she added. “The cruise line will provide this to you.

“Some cruise lines will ask you to sign out and sign beach towels. Other cruise lines don’t require you to do this, but be sure to bring them back to the cruise ships.

“If you don’t bring them back, you will be charged.”


“Some people like to bring hangers, they buy them and bring them, but I’ve never brought hangers on a cruise,” Ilana remarked.

“You usually get 25 per cabin, but if you need more you can ask the cabin crew for more hangers.

“It’s never a problem, often they’ll give you wire hangers from the laundry.”

Hair dryer

“You get a hair dryer in the cabin of your cruise ship,” she explained. “But I warn you, it’s going to be hotel quality.”


“You can bring snacks on a cruise — pre-packaged, like granola bars or protein bars, something for cruise days,” Ilana suggested.

“However, I have a tip for you so that you can leave all your snacks at home, as the food on a cruise is delicious and plentiful.

“Bring small, sandwich-sized zipper bags and when you go to the buffet, take whatever snacks you like and put them in a zipper bag.”