Nicholasville antique store forced to close on short notice

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) — In a few days, there could be another empty storefront in downtown Nicholasville.

The owner of a Coach Light said the city’s fire marshal had condemned the property, calling it “unsafe and unsafe”, and they are now expected to vacate the premises in a few weeks.

Coach Light is a must in Nicholasville. At the start of the gates there is a sign book where people from all over the world have signed their names after coming to see this piece of the ancient trail. Still, the city’s fire marshal had inspected the building and, according to owner Jesse Lemay, found that the building’s rear brick wall and electrical system needed updating.

“Of course, 15 days is no longer enough to do anything,” Lemay said. “Like I said, there’s no reason for it. Because when I moved in here, the guy who bought the building nine years ago, he spent $100,000 remodeling the interior.

However, Lemay still received the fire marshal’s letter to evacuate in a fortnight.

“They wanted a structural engineer to come in and approve everything, and then yesterday they said they needed an electrical engineer and approved it,” Lemay said.

Now there is a sign on the door of the store saying ‘doomed’.

Lemay’s son Brantley Lemay said, “I don’t think it’s fair to my dad, I mean we only have two weeks to get this all out and it’s not fair.”

“No one is afraid to be in the building, there are no external restrictions, older buildings are more difficult to renovate, it takes time and the time that was granted was… short” , said Hannah Smith, a saleswoman.

The 10,000 square foot space is filled with more than just antiques.

“This building has a lot of history, and I don’t know why they want to tear it down,” said fellow seller Bob Jacobs.

Jacobs, along with fellow salesman Darrell York, wonder where everyone will go?

“And once that one is gone, I don’t know what would be left, and I don’t know where we would go, because there are no comparable properties to rent,” York said.

Sellers now have to haul everything on what looks like a last-minute notice.

Rachel Paddock is collecting her stuff and said: “I have four kids, I’m a full time student so I’m into reselling, and I thought all my stuff was here so what if the 3 you may not be able to enter.

And what will happen to all businesses?

“He’s not just starting a business, he’s starting about 12 to 15 small businesses,” said Patti Trails, another supplier.

For now, Lemay and the sellers are wrapping everything up, but they’re also looking for options to counter the fire marshal’s decision.

FOX 56 News has reached out to Fire Marshal David Johns for comment and has not heard back at this time.