Neoenergia SA: Customers registered for the Social Electricity Tariff will not be impacted by the tariff …

Customers registered for the social electricity tariff will not be impacted by the water shortage tariff (R $ 14.20 per 100 kilowatt-hours). In the five Neoenergia distributors, this means that more than 3.2 million households will not integrate the new value into the energy bill. For these low-income families, the red flag is still focused on level 2 (R $ 9,492 per 100 kWh). The benefit also grants discounts of up to 65% on the invoice. To date, 620,000 have been proactively enrolled through distributors Neoenergia Coelba, Neoenergia Pernambuco, Neoenergia Cosern, Neoenergia Elektro and Neoenergia Brasília. The company estimates that around 307,000 families could benefit from it, but have not yet registered. The company will continue to step up disclosure and facilitate access to the updated registration.

To have access to the reduction, the customer must be registered in the Federal Government’s Unique Register of Social Programs (CadÚnico). Low-income families must obtain the Social Identification Number (NIS) directly from a Social Reference and Assistance Center (CRAS) in the administrative district where they reside. Registered users, whose monthly income per person is less than or equal to half the national minimum wage, can become accredited with the concessionaire.

Registration can be done directly on the websites of the distributors, by accessing the Social Tarifa field. The update can also be done by teleservice 116. The electricity distributor will confirm it in the federal government database. After verification of the data, the deadline for registering for the Social Energy Tariff is five working days and the customer now benefits from the advantage on the next invoice. Neoenergia also advises customers to update their registration data through the website.

The same procedure must be adopted for clients registered for Continuous Service (BPC), who have the Service Number (NB). Remember that a low-income family who lives in rental accommodation or transferred property, whose energy bill is in the name of the owner of the property, can also apply for the allowance. A family member should contact you through the company’s service channels and inform you that you are not the energy account holder, but reside there. At the time of registration, the consumer must inform the CPF, the RG and the date of birth. It is important that the low income customer, when leaving the residence, always stays in contact with the dealership to update the registration and request the change of benefit to the new accommodation.

What is the social electricity tariff?

Benefit created by the federal government for the residences of low-income families. It consists of reducing the electricity consumption tariff by up to 65% and for indigenous peoples and quilombolas up to 100%. The benefit is regulated by law 12 212 of January 20, 2010.

Who is entitled to the Social Tariff for Energy?

Each residential consumer unit with family is registered in the federal government’s unique register of social programs. It is necessary to have the social identification number – NIS, and to have a monthly family income per person less than or equal to half the national minimum wage, whether or not you have the bolsa família allowance.

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