MoCI seeks to boost budget to support food and construction items – ARAB TIMES

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KUWAIT CITY, June 16: According to an official source from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the ministry will ask the Ministry of Finance to increase annual budget allocations to support food and building materials, Al-Anba daily reports. . He explained that the issue is part of the constant global rise in the prices of food and building materials in general. At the same time, the volume of expenditure on these types of support is expected to increase by the end of this year by more than 50%, against the background of the significant increase in prices for goods and products, transportation, shipping and warehousing. .

The source said: “As part of the role played by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to guarantee the basic needs of food and building materials, and after the Minister of Commerce and Industry Fahad Al- Shariaan confirmed that the government bears the difference in price of food supplies, it has become urgent to increase the support budget so that the ministry can play its role in providing subsidized goods and basic necessities at the same previous prices without influencing citizens.

The Minister had asserted that citizens will not feel any increase in the prices of subsidized construction and supplies, as the government will bear the price differences resulting from the increase in the cost of shipping or the like, in light of the repercussions from Russia. – Ukrainian War. There is a strategic plan to ensure the circulation of goods and foodstuffs and stabilize their prices”.

It should be noted that the total value of aid paid for many food items provided by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to citizens through the ration card amounted to approximately KD 225 million in during the year 2021. This includes aid for the food group, which includes rice, vegetable oil, frozen chicken, tomato paste, sugar, powdered milk, flour and lentils, as well as building materials such as cement, iron, bricks, air conditioning support, concrete, sanitary kits, electric wires, ceramics and porcelain, and exterior coating support for construction and restoration.

At the same time, the Public Workforce Authority (PAM) recently published its statistics on the results of the inspection team of the National Center for Occupational Health and Safety responsible for ensuring strict compliance with the resolution on the prohibition of working under the direct heat of the sun during the summer, reports the daily Al-Anba.

According to the report, the team visited 155 construction sites from June 1 to 11 and issued a warning to 100 companies for violating the resolution, while the number of workers in error stood at 205. The team also received nine messages via WhatsApp and the number of companies that met the conditions at the time of the return inspection reached 51, during which no violations were recorded. The authority then advised business owners to continue to abide by the resolution to avoid legal issues.