Meal prep kitchen items to reduce food waste

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Did you know that every year Americans spend over $218 billion on food waste? It’s a ground forgotten products and expired yogurt – up to $1,866 per family. As Stop Food Waste Day approaches on April 27, why not take a few simple steps to waste less? To reduce food waste, start by eating what you already have and plan your meals in advance.

In fact, if you plan your meals for the week strategically, you can cook a lot on Sunday and eat well until the following weekend. Instead of thinking about your week’s meals individually, think about how you might cook in batches. For example, if you’re roasting asparagus, you can eat it as is, puree it in a soup, toss it into an omelet, or stuff it into a sandwich. Or if you’re cooking a big batch of fluffy brown rice, it can bulk up a bowl of veggies or complete a 20-minute curry. As for super-ripe fruit, don’t toss it in the trash — turn it into a smoothie bowl or freeze it for future mixed drinks. There is always a way to anticipate and eat well, while saving money.

To inspire your meal planning and reduce food waste, we have more suggestions for you and the meal prep items you need. With just a little forethought, you’ll eat better (and waste less) than ever before.