Lake District uses hydroelectric power

A seaside resort in the Lake District now produces its own electricity from a hydroelectric project driven by a water-powered turbine.

Relying on the natural water supply from a fall beck, English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues installed the turbine at its flagship Windermere site, Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa.

An 860-meter hose delivers up to 79 liters of water per second to the turbine, which is housed in a Lakeland-style dry stone building to blend in with the local environment.

The hydroelectric system is fully automatic, with the turbine adjusting the flow through the jets according to the water available. It is expected to generate power from 53 kW to 60 kW to reach 180 MWh to 200 MWh of electricity each year, which is equivalent to powering 50 homes per year.

Tim Berry, English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues, says, “This is the resort’s latest environmental initiative, designed to tap into the natural energy source of the fallside beck that we have on site. We are already on the right track to create enough energy for about a third of our electricity needs for the site.

“Run-of-river hydro projects like this are more environmentally friendly and we have gone through a rigorous environmental checklist to make sure there are no negative effects on the environment. environment and that landscapes and wildlife are not affected. “

Hydroelectricity uses the kinetic energy of water flowing downhill to drive a turbine that creates electricity. A key advantage of hydropower over wind or solar power is that power generation is continuous and less dependent on changing weather conditions. It also offers the ability to respond very quickly to fluctuations in demand.

English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues worked with the Lake District National Park Authority and the Environment Agency on the project.

The hotel group has obtained the Clef Verte international ecolabel for its sites, an internationally recognized distinction for its approach to sustainability and ecotourism.

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Hospitality & Catering News: Lake District uses hydroelectric power. – October 11, 2021 – Lake District uses hydroelectric power.

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