It’s electric: Noel Gallagher’s £ 8million mansion’s energy bills are four times higher than Liam’s £ 3million

Long-standing rivalries have resurfaced at the top of the pop star’s energy bill charts – with Noel Gallagher’s brother Liam, Ginger Spice beating Posh Spice and Robbie Willams beating Take That, Gary Barlow, in the Usswitch’s second annual Celebrity Homes Power List. com, the comparison and switching service.

Few musical rivalries have been as intense as the former brothers and comrades of Oasis Noel and Liam Gallagher, but the former tops the energy charts. Noel’s £ 8million house is estimated to rack up over £ 20,000 a year bills, which is four times more than the nearly £ 5,000 a year bill for the Notepad of 3, £ 75million from his brother.

Former Take That singer Robbie Williams’ ten-bedroom home at £ 17million in Holland Park, London costs around £ 33,133 in gas and electricity. In addition to its electricity costs, there is a gym, a home cinema, 22 bathrooms and a swimming pool.

His former bandmate Gary Barlow is also in the top ten, but his £ 5million Cotswolds house costs around £ 12,004 to manage.

Another Cotswolds resident and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her husband David have similar bills, spending around £ 11,395 a year to fuel their nine-bedroom home, which includes a plunge pool and sauna.

Posh Spice is narrowly edged out by Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell, whose pool and Aga in her seven-bedroom house near Banbury push her energy bill to around over £ 14,000 a year.

But these pop star rivals cannot hope to dislodge Sir Elton John, who retains the top spot in the energy bill rankings, as his £ 6million Windsor mansion is reportedly costing nearly £ 50,000 a year to heat and in electricity.

It is not surprising that Elton’s pad carries the highest bills, as the 3,008m² house is 33 times the size of an average UK house of 90.18m² and also benefits from a swimming pool and of a cinema room.

Shape Of You singer Ed Sheeran’s ever-growing collection of properties in ‘Sheeranville’, Suffolk include a pub, recording studio and swimming pool, helping to push his energy bill up to around 21,418 £

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