Invest in these 6 items to transform your garage into a more livable space

Despite the fact that many people have garages in their homes, they often go unused.

A garage can be a great place to store things that you don’t want to clutter up your home, but if it isn’t well organized and maintained, it can become a space that is best avoided. The truth is, a little work goes a long way in turning an old, neglected garage into something more livable and practical for all kinds of purposes. With just six key investments, anyone can easily transform their garage from a horror into essential storage space!

1. Get shelves

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Shelving is one of the most important things you need for any type of organized living space, and there are plenty of options depending on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend. If your garage is currently fairly empty, metal shelving is a great inexpensive option that can be stacked or wall mounted as needed. Pegboard style units with hooks and other storage options also allow you to use the walls as an addition storage garage space, keeping everything on the ground. Wood shelving can add an attractive look if it comes in a stain or paint finish that matches your other furniture and décor, but just make sure it is properly sealed so that no moisture is absorbed into it. wood, which could promote mold growth.

2. Equip it with lighting

Lighting is important for safety reasons and for adding functionality to any space in the house, and garages need it as much as the rest of the house. While it’s nice to have overhead lights in a garage, they are often not needed as a wall will likely have windows, so try installing small bright halogen or fluorescent work lights instead. You can even use them as primary light sources if you mount them on your workbench so you always have an extra light source when working on cars or other items in the garage.

3. Invest in sturdy storage bins

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Storage bins are the best way to stay organized and free up space at the same time, which is what everyone needs, whether it’s for their home or business. These large plastic containers with hinged lids are great because they can be easily moved and stacked like shelves. You can use them to store seasonal items like holiday decorations and lawn and garden supplies, as well as various household items and tools. Label your bins so you know what’s inside and where it’s going for easy access to find when you need something later.

4. Go with a workbench

If there is to be a room in the garage that people will be using regularly, then a workbench is essential. Whether you work on cars or bikes, do home repairs, or are passionate about a new hobby like woodworking, having an organized place to store all your tools will make things a lot easier. for everyone involved. There are many types of established available nowadays, including collapsible models which are great for apartment living, but remember to keep toolboxes handy as they can provide additional storage space with quick access.

5. Install cabinets

Cabinets and other storage solutions can add a great look to any garage while providing options for organizing all of the sundries that typically accumulate in garages over time. This is even more important if you store your car indoors and need places to store things like bikes and yard equipment, not to mention tools and other automotive supplies. You can use different types of cabinetry for this purpose, including smaller wall-style units with drawers or open designs depending on how much space you have.

6. Upgrade your outlets

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It’s easy to underestimate how important it is to have good lighting, good ventilation, good heating / air conditioning, and good electrical wiring when it comes to making a garage more livable, but it can make a big difference. It’s always best to consult an electrician to get an idea of ​​how many outlets you should have and the wattage of the wiring for safety purposes, but there are other tips that can help you get things going as well. First of all, making sure everything is labeled correctly will go a long way to avoid confusion when it comes to turning on or off switches or light units. You can use different types of tape depending on the application, including plastic adhesive labels that work well for touch lights and wall units.

Ultimately, you don’t have to be a carpenter or electrician to turn your garage into a more livable space. All it takes are six simple investments and time spent organizing things to work for you rather than against you. Let us know which of these investment ideas caught your eye and we can provide you with more information on how best to get started with each one!

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