Essential items to always keep in the cabin of your HGV

HGV drivers are in high demand in the UK at the moment, following shortages which have partly resulted from the UK’s departure from the EU. Driving a truck is a skilled and well-paid job, but it can also be a stressful job, between the long hours of driving and the logistics of managing your cargo. That said, if you choose to become a truck driver, you should prepare your cabin with some essentials to make your job easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Safety Essentials

First of all, you need to stock your cabin with some essential safety equipment that can help you in an emergency situation, be it a breakdown, accident or injury. A first aid kit is essential to help you administer prompt care in the event of an accident; it is also useful to have bandages on hand for injuries you suffer during checks and maintenance.

PPE is also essential. For breakdowns in particular, you will want to pack a high visibility vest or jacket to ensure that other road users can see you in low light conditions. Other useful forms of PPE include work gloves and a hard hat, both of which can be important in ensuring your safety when loading and unloading cargo.

Basic Toolkit

It may also be useful to keep a bag or toolbox on board at all times, as a “just in case” measure. With at least a passing knowledge of auto mechanics, you should be able to do basic repairs and maintenance on the go – and having your own tools can ensure you’re up to speed. able to carry out your maintenance work.

Your tool kit should include socket wrenches, wrenches, and screwdrivers, as well as vehicle-specific tools such as tire gauges. Gaffer tape, HTPE, and electrical tape can go a long way in eliminating leaks and other quick fixes.

Additional clothes

Life on the road as a HGV driver can be long and arduous – and can also be dirty work, whether due to your cargo or emergency situations. As such, it would be prudent to carry spare outfits with you in your cabin wherever you go. If you’re caught in bad weather, you can quickly change into warmer, drier clothes – and if you’re a mess fixing an engine complaint, you can change and still look presentable when you arrive. .

Truck cabin interiorPersonal hygiene and toiletries

Long days on the road can also affect your personal hygiene. You should already have a toothbrush and toothpaste in your cabin in case of an overnight layover, but bringing a shower bar and deodorant, along with a spare towel, may allow you to use the showers at stations -service and stay fresh during the trip. You should also consider bringing additional items like cologne as a form of personal comfort.

Cabin cleaning items

Finally, keeping your cabin clean is just as important as keeping yourself clean. For this, your cabin should be stocked with simple, travel-friendly cleaning products. Antibacterial wipes are useful for keeping your dashboard and seats clean in no time, and paper towels can be useful for quickly wiping up spills.