Earthbound: 10 Most Important Items To Carry

The recent release of Earthbound for Nintendo Switch Online users means a new group of gamers are discovering the game. The popular RPG has been hailed as one of the best Super Nintendo games for decades. As great as the game is, new players may find some elements intimidating. As with any RPG, the game is filled with various items that the player can carry in their inventory. Ground objects vary greatly, with some being vital and others practically useless. Although the importance of most beats differs depending on the style of the player, here are ten important points Earthbound items new players should equip.

10. City Map

The town plan of Onett showing the importance of this Earthbound object

One of the most important Earthbound items are often missed by those unfamiliar with the game. The town map is one of the first items obtained, but it’s not incredibly obvious. A map is one of the most useful RPG objects in any game, including Pokemon. When the player starts their journey, they start in the town of Onett. Right next to the town entrance is the library. The player must enter here to receive the card. This map is incredibly useful as it shows the player where the most vital locations are in each town. This comes in handy when the player needs to find food, a hospital or a hotel and is one of the most used items in the game and is unfortunately overlooked by new players.

9. Pencil eraser

Ness invests in the invention of Apple Kid

The pencil eraser is essential to progress to a certain point. There are pencil statues blocking the way to Ness and co, and this is the only way to get rid of them. The problem is that the game almost tricks the player to get it. In the town of Twoson, Ness meets two inventors, Orange Kid and Apple Kid. Orange Kid is well put together and appreciated by city dwellers. Apple Kid is messy, a little slob and mostly ridiculed. Both characters ask Ness to invest in their inventions. All signs point to investing in Orange Kid, but Apples Kid is the right choice. Along with Apple Kid, players receive the Pencil Eraser and several other important items Earthbound objects throughout the game.

8. The Sword of Kings

The sword of kings

The last character to join the Player Roaster is Poo. Poo is unique in that he can only have certain types of items equipped, and they are not common. Players will know which items they can equip because they will say “kings”. For example Bracer of Kings, Cloak of Kings and of course Sword of Kings. Most items equipped in Poo’s attack slot will actually reduce his attack instead of increasing it. This extremely rare item is the only weapon that will increase his attack, and it increases it a lot. The only way to get the sword is in the Stonehenge base. The Starman Super has a 1/128 chance of dropping the item when defeated. It will take time and a lot of luck to get the sword, but it’s worth it.

7. Caramel PSI

psi caramel in Ness's inventory

Ness, Paula, and Poo will all learn various PSI moves as the game progresses. These moves will become essential to master in later parts of the game. Well-timed PSI attacks could very well be the difference between victory and defeat. Additionally, Ness and Poo’s healing ability could ensure characters stay in battle after a fatal blow. Due to the importance of the PSI, one of the most important Earthbound items is the PSI Caramel. As the name suggests, this item will increase a character’s PSI meter. There are several ways to increase PSI, such as the magic butterfly, but this is the best way to do it in the heat of battle.

6. Refreshing Herb

The refreshing grass

While the best way to heal characters during battle is by PSI, sometimes the player prefers to save PSI points to attack. In this case, one of the most important Earthbound the items to store are the refreshing grass. This item works the same way as the Healing β PSI move. Its use removes feelings of strangeness, poison, nausea and crying. This is incredibly useful in the heat of battle. Depending on the strength of the attack, a character affected by one of these ailments could remove it from combat quite quickly. This herb cures them and saves valuable PSI points in the process.

5. Food products

Ness leaving a burger shop

It should be obvious. Foods will increase the HP of the character who eats them. The types of food throughout the game vary depending on how much life they restore. It can be as low as 24 HP or as high as 300 HP. The player would be smart to keep a good amount of food in their inventory for emergencies. Nothing is worse than being near death after a battle, having no PSI points to heal, and being far from the nearest hotel. Having a good supply of food of any type will help in these sticky situations. From burgers to jerky, any type of food is a big part Earthbound Object. Food is also essential in Earthbound as it is in the Kirby Games.

4. Franklin Badge

Franklin Badge

While this Earthbound the item is mandatory to progress to a certain point, players will be advised to keep it in their inventory for the rest of the game. When Ness is tasked with rescuing Paula from the Happy Cultists, he must confront their leader. The cult leader, Carpainter, will shock Ness whenever he approaches. Ness must speak to imprisoned Paula to retrieve Franklin’s badge. The Franklin Insignia reflects electricity, allowing Ness to get close enough to fight. Keeping this item in inventory after defeating Carpainter will reflect any electricity-based attacks. It would be wise to give this to the weaker player, giving them extra protection.

3. Quit the mouse

Ness receiving an exit mouse

Exit Mice may seem like silly characters, but they’re actually one of the most useful items in the game. They can be obtained from a house in Onett, The Desert Gold Mine, and Stonehenge Base. When activated, a yellow mouse with an arrow sign will lead the player out of a cave. Some caves and dungeons in the game look a lot like mazes and are difficult to get out of. This mouse will easily indicate the exit so the player can move forward quickly. Only one Exit Mouse can be kept at a time, so the player must choose when to use it very carefully.

2. Teddy Bear

Ness learns teddy bear

A player should definitely keep a teddy bear or two in their inventory when they get the chance. A teddy bear acts as a party member, which means enemies will target it. When a teddy bear takes hits, it helps real characters not lose HP. The teddy bear will be destroyed after being hit so many times, but can actually be healed if donated and picked up at Escargo Express. The Super Teddy Bear can take even more damage before being destroyed. There’s no limit to the number of coins that can be kept in inventory, so it’s a good idea to keep more than one at a time.

1. Bottle Rockets

Jeff using bottle rockets

Only Jeff can equip Bottle Rockets, but they can be some of the most devastating weapons in the game. There are three types of Bottle Rockets, the Standard Bottle Rocket, the Large Bottle Rocket, and the Multi-Bottle Rocket. Jeff needs a fair amount of luck to hit harder enemies, so the player would be wise to equip something like the Rabbit’s Foot to ensure a successful hit. If used correctly, these rockets can take out an enemy with a single hit and are much more powerful than Jeff’s standard attack. A player must equip times that bring out the best in each character, and when it comes to Jeff, the Bottle Rocket is easily one of the most important. Earthbound elements.