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Diesel Electric Services (Pty) Ltd has been involved in the design, manufacture, delivery, installation, commissioning, servicing, maintenance and associated repairs of Turnkey Power Infrastructure Solutions in Cape Town since its establishment in 1993 .

As the install base grew, the need was noted to implement local footprint development with installation and service capability based in Cape Town.

Diesel Electric Services is product agnostic, with a specialty ranging from medium voltage substation connections to large low voltage power distribution.

Power solutions include, but are not limited to, industrial facilities, processing plants, commercial developments, data center applications, and financial institutes. This includes design and implementation at Greenfield sites as well as infrastructure upgrades at existing facilities, taking into account the importance of end-user availability.

Load testing includes providing reactive load banks or resistive load banks or in some cases a combination of both.

Internal capability includes regulatory approval associated with environmental impact assessments as well as fire department registration. To meet local requirements for regulatory approvals, an internal fuel containment system has been developed, which varies between two and four hour fire rating. This is designed in accordance with specific customer requirements.

The employment of staff consists of 550 full-time employees, separated into several teams and managed by competent supervisors and managers, i.e. sales, contracts, manufacturing, installations and technical support, etc. This guarantees a first-class, fast and reliable response to any request or possible customer need.

The after-sales service has a staff of 71 field technicians and 22 employees to help them with the administrative side, mastering pastels perfectly and issuing quotes.

The manufacturing plant is greater than 50,000 square meters of workspace. Currently, there are two panel workshops where manufacturing takes place beyond 8,500 square meters. These panel shops are fully equipped for basic sheet metal work, busbar bending and in-house programming of the various control interface solutions offered to customers.

The design of the Conventional Diesel Electric Utility Panelboard (Form 1 to Form 4) has been approved by NETFA as fully tested to IEC 60439-1 and 61439-1, and additionally specially tested to a 70 kA fault index on the two main busbars and distribution busbars. It should be understood that DES is the only board manufacturer to have successfully tested this rating on both sets of busbars.

CIDB certification includes an 8EB, 8EP (electrical) and 7ME (mechanical) CIDB rating, proving excellent capabilities to perform in the industry, and currently the process of applying for an 8ME rating is testament to our mechanical capabilities and achievements. associated.

For more information on our product delivery and solutions, visit our website:
www.dieselelectricserices.co.za Tel: +27 11 493 7079 Email: sales@dieselelectricservices.co.za

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