Crime blotter: Police praise hostage’s ‘heroic role’ in Apple Store Amsterdam

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In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, indicted crypto thieves are accused of using an iPhone app, a car theft was caught with an iPad, and Apple products were removed from Fridge No More.

Police hail ‘heroic’ hostage at Apple Store headquarters in Amsterdam

Following the five-hour hostage situation at the Apple Store in Amsterdam on February 22, local police praised the hostage for playing “some sort of heroic role”.

“He acted in a split second. If he hadn’t, we could have had a long, bad night,” Amsterdam police chief Frank Paauw said of the incident. hostage. He also revealed that four other people had been hiding in a broom cupboard for the duration of the hostage situation.

The hostage taker was deliberately hit by a police car while pursuing the hostage and later died from his injuries.

Crypto Laundering Indictment Alleges Use of Walmart’s iPhone App

The federal indictment in early February of a husband and wife duo in connection with the 2016 Bitfinex hack was some of the biggest financial news of the new year. According to the Department of Justice statement, Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein and his wife, Heather Morgan, are accused of attempting to launder nearly 120,000 Bitcoins.

A graphic of the DOJ’s statement of facts

According to the court’s statement of facts, extensive evidence was extracted from Lichtenstein’s cloud storage account, although he does not specifically refer to it as an iCloud account. The government, however, alleges that one of the laundering methods included the use of Walmart’s iPhone app.

An unusual car theft is filmed with an iPad

A Washington state man was arrested in mid-February after being charged with stealing a car that had already been stolen once that day. According to Kitsap Sunthe man accused of stealing a Honda Civic from a gas station was already facing charges for three other separate car thefts since November.

The newspaper reported that the man approached the owner of the car – which had already been stolen and recovered once earlier in the day – and claimed the car was his. After punching the owner and dragging him for some time, the suspect drove off, police said.

A woman who arrived with the suspect, the outlet said, “recorded the incident on an iPad.” After a 10-minute, 10-mile chase, the man was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery and attempting to escape a pursuing police vehicle, as well as a ‘special allegation’.

Shot dead man loses iPhone 12 in Brooklyn home invasion

A woman showing up at a Brooklyn man’s apartment claiming she was collecting unpaid building fees was actually part of a successful ruse to break into the apartment and rob the man.

New York Daily News reports that the man opened the door to his apartment, letting in a pair of armed robbers who shot him, stole his iPhone 12, Rolex watch and credit cards, and tied him up. The man is said to be in stable condition.

A Dallas Cowboys executive has been accused of spying on cheerleaders with an iPhone

A longtime Dallas Cowboys executive has been accused of brandishing an iPhone in the room where the NFL team’s cheerleaders stripped, resulting in a $2.4 million financial settlement of dollars. The alleged incident took place in 2015 and the settlement the following year, but none of it came to light until February this year.

According to, team officials confiscated the man’s work iPhone and “obtained passwords for his phone and iCloud account”, although they confiscated all other phones, as the executive has claimed to have no other. Police were not called and an investigation team found no evidence of wrongdoing.

The executive was not fired at the time of settlement, despite announcing his retirement in February.

Student accused of using iPhone to spy on showers

In another case involving charges of using an iPhone to invade privacy, a student at Northwest Missouri State University was charged with allegedly spying on students taking showers. KQ2 reports that a pair of victims claimed to have seen someone pointing a phone at them while showering, including one who was using “a newer black iPhone with a black phone case.”

The man was charged with invasion of privacy.

iPads, MacBooks stolen from Fridge No More locations

A series of thefts took place in December and January at multiple locations of Fridge No More in New York City, a service that delivers groceries and other items to that city.

According to Fox 5, the same two thieves stole $48,801 worth of food, as well as electronics, from locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. A December robbery nabbed three MacBook Airs and an iPad, along with Aaron bikes and a Zoom bike, while MacBooks were also caught in at least three other Fridge No More thefts.

Stolen credit card used at an Apple Store near Boston

A Watertown, Mass. man reported to police that his credit card was stolen and the thief used the card to pay $1,000 at the Apple Store in nearby Chestnut Hill. Police are collecting surveillance video of the incident, say Watertown News.

iPad photo helps solve rare dinosaur claw theft

Following an intrigue in the world of fossil collecting, a man was arrested in Arizona in early February in connection with the theft of a $20,000 dinosaur claw. Reported by Roomthe 39-year-old man was charged with trafficking in stolen property after trying to sell the label to another collector.

The man who owned the claw both tipped off the police and spread the word via social media and his network of other collectors, and eventually heard someone was trying to sell the stolen claw. After a “prick operation”, the owner was able to identify it as his claw since he had taken a photo of an iPad which he placed side by side.

A second claw, however, remains missing.

Woman accuses cleaning crew of taking AirPods Pro

A Cleveland-area woman claimed a pair of AirPods Pro were stolen from her residence and a mother/daughter cleaning crew was responsible.

According to, the woman used Find My iPhone to track the AirPods to the town where the cleaning crew’s mother lives. The business owner also told police the cleaning duo quit that day because “they were tired of being accused of taking things”.