Cotton Fields adopts ESL E Ink in all its stores


E Ink Yuantai Technology said it has worked with Zhenyao Technology to introduce electronic labels to all outlets at food retailer Cotton Field Health Garden. Like CTimes reported, ESLs will replace traditional paper labels at Cotton Field’s 69 stores. This makes a total of 52,000 electronic shelf labels in the size of 2.66 inches which are installed in all product categories of the store, which includes those in the normal temperature areas to also cover the products in the areas. frozen or chilled. That aside, the retailer also relies on a 5.65-inch ESL made with the E Ink Gallery palette, of which 10 sets were installed.

The adoption of electronic shelf labels will take Cotton Field one step closer to achieving the zero net carbon emissions standard given the excellent energy saving credentials of E Ink displays. ESLs can help reduce equivalent global CO2 emissions by more than 30,000 tonnes per year with a single price update. In this way, with the 52,000 2.66 inch ESL installed in Cotton Field outlets, it can help reduce CO2 emissions by 3.8 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions if the price is not updated only once a day.

Another great advantage of electronic shelf labels activated with wireless control systems is that they allow centralized operations. This means that any change in prices or promotions and offers can be implemented immediately in one go from a central location. Otherwise, staff would have had to manually change paper labels throughout the store, an otherwise laborious and time-consuming process.

With staff freed from updating or maintaining paper shelf labels, management will have more flexibility to deploy them elsewhere, which can be like improving the shopping experience for customers or manage customer relationships. The other advantage of ESLs is that they have excellent readability in a variety of lighting conditions, including the type of lighting that prevails inside retail stores.

All of this makes the adoption of ESL beneficial on several fronts. Not only are they eco-friendly, updating the price is much easier and can be done from one place. Additionally, ESLs have excellent readability in various lighting conditions, which is further enhanced with the vivid colors which further help to grab the customer’s attention or make a particular product stand out from others.