Call in an Electrician 

Are you working on the electricity in your home, do you suffer from an annoying short circuit or a power outage in your home or do you need help installing new lighting? An electrician can assist you with a wide variety of activities in the field of electricity. Let us advise you on the possibilities or immediately call in the help of a recognized electrician. Are you looking for an electrician? We are happy to serve you! Our experienced electricians have many years of expertise in performing a wide variety of activities in the field of electricity. How can our electricians help you?

Installation, repair, and maintenance

Our electricians will help you with the installation, repair, and maintenance of the electricity network in your home. Consider, for example, installing lighting in and around your home, laying new electricity cables under the floor, and so on. With a repair, you can think of rectifying a short circuit in your home, repairing a broken group in your group box, etc. Finally, we help you maintain the electricity network, by checking your electricity cables for starting fusion. When cables actually fuse, you run a great risk of a short circuit and a subsequent power failure or even fire. Reason enough to call in the help of a certified electrician in your area in good time!

Shifting electricity

Are you going to thoroughly renovate your home? Then it is wise to make a map in advance. You can indicate the new, desired layout on this map. Do not forget the sockets and light switches. When you include these directly in the layout, you immediately think about these electricity points. The sockets and switches are now in handy places, but is that also the case with the new layout? If this is not the case, our electrician can be of service. He can move your electricity and ensure that everything is neatly concealed in the wall or under the floor.

Post new group

Are you switching from cooking on gas or a ceramic hob to cooking on induction? Even then, some things have to be adjusted. Because an induction hob works on three-phase power, it is necessary to have a three-phase power connection in your home. This is usually not available, but our electrician can install it for you. In addition, he can make a special group for the induction hob in the meter cupboard. Our electrician can also be of service when your current distribution box cannot handle the power demand. In that case, he can place an extra group, so that you can continue to use all electrical appliances simultaneously.

Problem solved safely and quickly

All our electricians have extensive experience in solving various problems. We, therefore, guarantee that your problems will be solved safely by our electricians. This means you do not have to worry that you will encounter dangerous situations. In addition, we will of course ensure that your problem is a thing of the past as soon as possible. Are you in a hurry to have a problem solved? Then you can call on the emergency service of our electrician. We will come to you immediately and your problem will be a thing of the past in no time.

Our electricians are also happy to help you with advice.