Boyne Resorts switches to 100% renewable electric power in its North American operations

Boyne Resorts ForeverProject

“Our commitments guiding ForeverProject, starting with the switch to 100% renewable electrical energy, reduce a significant portion of our carbon footprint and give us a head start in our efforts to become completely carbon neutral by 2030”, said Stephen Kircher, president of Boyne Resorts. / CEO.

Boyne Resorts today announced a renewable energy purchase commitment with CMS Enterprises, a subsidiary of CMS Energy, which fully offsets the use of electrical energy at its resorts and facilities across North America beginning on January 1, 2021.

The purchase is one of many environmental initiatives and newly established goals that form part of the company’s long-term sustainability plan, known as “ForeverProject”. The main goal of the plan is to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 and the collaboration with CMS Enterprises has accelerated the effort by eliminating about 70% of the company’s carbon footprint from its electrical use. In addition, a 1.7 megawatt solar panel will be installed at Boyne Mountain Resort in conjunction with a separate subsidiary of CMS Energy.

“Man-made climate change is a pressing problem for the world and most certainly for the snow sports industry. While we have been a thoughtful steward of our resort properties for the past eight decades, it was clear to our team that we weren’t doing enough and fast enough if we were serious about helping reverse the effects of our carbon footprint on the resort. global climate, “said Stephen Kircher, President and CEO of Boyne Resorts.” Our commitments that guide ForeverProject, starting with the shift to 100% renewable electric power, are reducing a significant portion of our carbon footprint and give us a head start in our efforts to become completely carbon neutral by 2030. We have always tried to take the long term perspective time on our business and this environmental sustainability initiative intensifies our efforts to have a positive impact on the lasting implications of our resorts, team members and customers on the planet.

The new level of urgency was initiated in October 2019, in part thanks to the sponsorship and participation of Boyne Resorts in the Mountain Towns 2030 Net Zero Summit, thanks to collaborative discussions with the biggest players in the ski industry. who have shown leadership in aggressively embracing sustainability efforts, and rolling out the NSAA (National Ski Area Association) sustainable trail initiatives. CMS Energy is a long-time energy supplier to Boyne Resorts’ Michigan operations and following the Net Zero Summit talks between the two began in earnest, culminating in this important and impactful clean energy deal. .

CMS Enterprises develops, owns and operates large scale wind, solar and power projects for large clients. CMS Enterprises will operate its in-house energy marketing group and US-based clean energy portfolio to help Boyne Resorts obtain renewable energy credits (RECs). The RECs will help Boyne substantiate claims of renewable energy use and maximize the value of his renewable energy investment.

Through facilitating the purchase of RECs, sharing the benchmark and consumption tracking models now in use company-wide, and leading additional projects to support business goals, CMS Enterprises is now considered a true partner regionally and with Boyne Resorts around the world.

“CMS Enterprises is proud to help Boyne Resorts power its facilities in Michigan and across North America with renewable, clean energy,” said DV Rao, senior vice president of strategy for CMS Energy. “Through the implementation of energy efficiency programs, the electrification of Boyne’s vehicle fleet, on-site solar power generation and other advancements underway in Michigan, Boyne Resorts is on its way to becoming an industry leader in clean, renewable energy and sustainability.

Preparations are underway for the solar panel installed by a CMS Energy subsidiary at Boyne Mountain Resort. The 1.7-megawatt system is expected to power the equivalent of the complex’s more than 300 homes and condominiums, and is the first of its size for Boyne Resorts. Solar energy is a resource of great interest and this project is to serve as a pilot for potential installations at locations across the resort network.

For more information on Boyne Resorts’ 73-year history of sustainability efforts and further steps towards its goal of net zero emissions, and for more details on the many ForeverProject initiatives based on resorts and led by the company’s passionate and valued resort teams, please visit http: //

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Boyne Resorts, founded in 1948 by Everett Kircher, is one of the largest mountain resort companies in North America. A Michigan-based company, Boyne Resorts has award-winning mountain and golf resorts and attractions in the United States and Canada, including Cypress Mountain near Vancouver, BC, the official freestyle ski and snowboard site. the 2010 Olympic Winter Games; Sugarloaf and Sunday River Resort in Maine; Boyne Mountain Resort, Boyne Highlands Resort, Inn at Bay Harbor, Autograph Collection and Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark in Michigan; Big Sky Resort in Montana; Loon Mountain Resort in New Hampshire; Gatlinburg SkyLift Park in Tennessee; Brighton Resort in Utah; and the Snoqualmie Summit in Washington. To learn more about Boyne Resorts, please visit

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