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Weed types have a somewhat negative reputation in the Pokemon games: they tend to be brittle and have more weaknesses than other types of starters. So Grass type starters like Turtwig tend to get overlooked. However, in Shiny diamond and shiny pearl, it is worth giving this Grass type starter a chance. Its fully evolved form, Torterra, can become a stationary object in the right hands.

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Of course, when training this monster, it helps to give it a handy item to hold. All along Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl, players can keep their Pokémon items that can restore health, passively increase attack power, and more. As players embark on their journey, here are the best items for the Pokémon World Turtle.

8 Wise glasses

wise glasses on sinnoh blurred background

Some of Torterra’s best Grass-type moves, like Giga Drain and Leaf Storm, are special moves; however, Torterra’s Special Attack is quite poor compared to her Attack. Wise glasses can help compensate for this, as they increase the power of special moves by 10%. It’s not as big a boost as objects that reinforce specific types of movements, but applies to a wider range.

Plus, Wise glasses are easy to find. Just head to the Celestic Town house that serves as the town’s store and talk to the man wearing the glasses who looks like the NPC found at the entrance to each gymnasium. He will make a spiel on the power of the glasses and give this item to the player.


seven Miracle Seed

miracle seed on sinnoh blurred background

Torterra does not acquire its secondary typing until its final evolution; thus, most of the STAB moves he learns up to this point are Grass-type attacks. To help give this underrated guy a little more power, give Torterra a Miracle Seed, which increases the potency of Grass-type attacks by 50%.

To get the Miraculous Seed, head to Floaroma Meadow using Surf outside of Valley Windworks and heading to Fuego Ironworks. Enter Floaroma Meadow from the north and find a miracle seed in the northwest corner of the area. Alternatively, a Savage Cherubi or Cherrim has a 5% chance to hold this item when caught.

6 Big root

big root on blurred background sinnoh

Some of Torterra’s best attacks are the ones that drain enemy HP. Mega Drain (and later, its more powerful form Giga Drain) can deal decent damage to opponents, especially those who are weak for Grass-type moves. Meanwhile, Leech Seed is great for reducing an opponent’s health while slowly healing the user.

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If Torterra has a large root, using these moves will restore 30% more HP than usual. Considering that Torterra has the most HP of the Sinnoh Starters, this item can prove invaluable in replenishing his health pool and can make him nearly impossible to eliminate. To get a large root take one on Route 214 between Veilstone City and Valor Lakefront.

5 Fast claw

fast claw on blurred sinnoh background

Torterra is the most robust among fully evolved Sinnoh starters, with the highest HP stat and highest combined defensive stats. However, this comes at the cost of being the slowest of them, with a base speed of just 56. The Fast Claw can help counter this, as it gives the holder a 20% chance to automatically move first.

Players can collect a Quick Claw by speaking to an NPC in the Jubilife Condominiums in Jubilife City. It also has a 5% chance of being held by a Savage Sneasel, Weavile, Meowth, Persian, or Zangoose.

4 Soft sand

soft sand on blurred sinnoh background

For a Ground-type Pokémon, Torterra doesn’t actually learn that many Ground-type moves – only Earthquake and Bulldoze. However, Torterra users will likely find themselves using these attacks a lot, as Ground-type moves are very effective against several different types. So when it comes to these attacks, it’s important to make them count.

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This is where Soft Sand comes in, because it increases the power of the wearer’s Ground-type moves by 20%. Players can find this article in Mount Coronet, in the first basement. It is the only one in the game, so players are advised not to sell it.

3 Expert belt

black belt on blurred background sinnoh

Ground-type attacks are among the most versatile in the Pokemon games, dealing super effective damage against Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock and Steel types. This makes Torterra’s Bulldoze and Earthquake invaluable in gym battles against Byron and Volkner. Additionally, her Grass-type moves are a boon against common Water-type. Considering the wide range of super effective damage Torterra can deal, the Expert Belt is a perfect fit. When you hold this object, a Pokémon super efficient moves will deal 20% more damage, making them even more devastating.

Players can get the Expert Belt from an old man in a house on Route 221. Every day he will call a number between 1 and 100. If he is shown a Pokemon of that level, he will reward the player with an object. The second time the player responds to their request, they will receive an expert belt.

2 Scarf of choice

scarf of choice on sinnoh background

Like the Quick Claw, the Choice Scarf offers Torterra a solution to its low speed. This one is a bit more reliable than the 20% chance of triggering the Quick Claw, but it does come with a tradeoff. While holding the Choice scarf, Torterra The speed will be increased by 50%. However, once he uses a move in combat, he is stuck in using this movement only until he passes out or is extinguished.

The scarf of choice is only available in the post-game; it can be purchased at the Battle Tower for 25 BP. In order to unlock the battle tower, the player must become a champion by defeating the Elite Four and Cynthia. Although this item is not available until late in the game, it can be very useful during competitions at the Battle Tower or during rematch against the leaders of the Sinnoh Gymnasium.

1 Yaché Bay

yache-berry on sinnoh blurred background

As a Grass / Ground-type, one of Torterra’s biggest drawbacks in combat is her 4x weakness to Ice-type attacks. Fortunately, The Yache Berry will halve the damage of any Ice-type attack that hits the Pokémon holding it. While still powerful, this bay can allow Torterra to fire a shot that would otherwise take her out.

The Yache Berry can be a bit difficult to find, but not impossible. Players have a chance to receive one from the Berry Woman in Pastoria City, who will dispense a Damage Reducing Berry each day. Additionally, there is a small chance that a follower Pokémon could pick one up. Once found, it is recommended that the player plant their Yache Berry in the ground, allowing them to grow berries and build up a large supply.

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