Austin Electric Services creates new hiring program to put 150 Arizona refugees to work

Determined to find qualified and competent people for its growth Arizona company, Austin Electric Services turned to the Home Builder Association of Central Arizona who introduced them to Refugee Focus and the International Rescue Committee. These organizations help displaced people who have fled their countries of origin due to conflicts and disasters to find work.

“The refugees came Arizona looking for a way to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads, ”said Toby Thomas, president and founder of Austin Electric. “We have always been interested in helping the community and when we realized we needed more manpower to meet the demand for that of Arizona home building company, that seemed like a perfect fit. “

In June 2015, Austin Electric Services launched the specialized training program and hired the first 50 new workers through the two refugee organizations. The refugees began a six-month training program to learn about electrical installation. With the help of Refugee Focus and the International Rescue Committee, Austin electric has also provided translators to help those who do not yet know English.

In addition to the six-month training program, Austin Electric also helped refugees obtain driver’s licenses and provided a company vehicle in some cases for the worker to travel to and from their workplace.

“They are extremely dedicated and hardworking people,” said Thomas. “It’s been not only gratifying because we have a larger pool of workers, but also because we’ve been able to get around 150 refugees back to work and we know we’re doing our part at Austin Electric.”

For media inquiries, please contact Jennifer Parks at 480.495.3806 or by email at [email protected].

For more information about Austin Electric Services, please visit or call (623) 773-2600.

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