Anno 1800: 15 best articles

One of the most fun aspects of Anno 1800 is optimizing your industry using various combinations of items, such as Syndicate Specialists. This can take your empire’s economy from barely surviving to truly thriving.

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This begs the question: which elements of Anno 1800 are the best? And how do you best use them to get richer than Scrooge McDuck? Read on to discover the best items and how to use them most effectively.


15 Actor

Scarcity: Rare

The Actor is a specialist you can get early in the game from Eli Bleakworth (Wormways Prison). This is a great item to bypass or drastically reduce the need to produce canned foods.

This is especially useful if your island has no red pepper fertility, for example Crown Falls does. The fact that the actor also provides rum is a big plus.

14 Costume designer

Scarcity: Rare

The Costume Designer is one of the best early game items to quickly transition from Craftsmen to Engineers, without needing to import cotton from the New World. Furs are still needed.

Further into the campaign, you’ll want to get Master Craftsman Franke (rarity: epic), allowing you to produce fur coats with nothing but wool and iron (don’t ask how). At this point, the costumer becomes obsolete.

13 Gordon the master grocer

Scarcity: Epic

Gordon the Master Grocer offers your residents beer and increased happiness. For the Old World, that might not seem like much, but where Gordon really shines is in the New World.

Being able to supply beer to your Obrera residents without having to import them is a great boon. That is, unless you have the Seeds of Change DLC, as it lets you create a hacienda beer brewery.

12 Chief Michael

Scarcity: Epic

Chef Michel is something you should look out for early on. Canned food is one of the most difficult items to produce early in the game, as you try to progress from artisans to engineers. Chef Michel allows you to skip more than half of the production line.

You will no longer need to produce beef farms, red pepper farms or artisan kitchens. Instead, all you need are pigs and iron.

11 Mr. Garrick

Scarcity: Epic

Mr. Garrick provides your Investors with pocket watches and jewelry, and your Engineers only with pocket watches. Both products are difficult to produce, so it is very useful to be able to obtain them for free in the radius of your town hall.

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The bonus income from banks that Mr. Garrick provides is also significant, making it one of the best options for specialists to put in your town hall.

ten Gerhard Fuchs

Scarcity: Legendary

Gerhard Fuchs lets you skip half the eyewear production line. You won’t need a copper mine, zinc mine, or brass smelter to make glasses. Ordinary wood is sufficient.

This effect alone is very powerful, but combined with the ability to produce pocket watches every three cycles, Gerhard Fuchs becomes a must-have for a town hall near your eyewear factories.

9 Susannah the Steam Engineer

Scarcity: Epic

Although Steam Engines aren’t technically difficult to produce if you have Bruno Ironbright, these should be kept for trade purposes. Having the ability then to replace Steam Engines with Filaments to produce Steam Carts is very useful.

Filaments are easy to craft, and earning a bulb every four cycles is another nice bonus.

8 Hervé Savonne

Scarcity: Legendary

Hervé Savonne is one of the two essential elements to become rich by selling soap. The other item is later on this list. With Hervé, your soap factories will be more productive, will require less labor and will produce dynamite every three cycles.

In combination with the Docklands DLC, trading dynamite is a very lucrative and worthwhile business.

7 Professor Ram Devi

Scarcity: Legendary

Professor Ram Devi seems to do it all: he provides electricity to the Light Bulb Factory and the Gramophone Factory, increases their productivity, and has a long list of bonus items that are produced after several cycles. Four of these bonus items are rare and difficult to produce.

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While this probably won’t be enough to satisfy your citizens’ demands, don’t underestimate their cumulative effect on your production.

6 Prunella Perfumer

Scarcity: Epic

Prunella Perfumer is the main specialist needed to start selling soap bundles. The idea is to claim an island as close to Wormways Prison as possible, then fill it to the brim with loggers’ huts and soap factories. The Prunella perfumer allows the soap to be made only from wood (again, don’t ask how).

Combined with items that increase the productivity of your soap factories, like Feras Alsarami, the idea is to produce as much soap as possible and create a trade route to sell all that soap to the prison. Remember not to pick up the soap.

5 Brother Hilarius

Scarcity: Legendary

Brother Hilarius can take care of all your rum needs. Especially if you combine it with other specialists such as Sir Lewis Brindley (Rarity: Epic), who also supplies rum every three cycles, and Brewmaster Bill (Rarity: Epic), who supplies electricity to the Schnapps Distillery. .

In total, you will not only provide plenty of schnapps, but also plenty of rum. In Anno 1800, drunken citizens are happy citizens (and above all: taxpayer citizens).

4 Feras Alsarami

Scarcity: Epic

At first glance, Feras Alsarami offers nothing special. Yet the strength of Feras is that it affects all manufacturing building. You see, Feras Alsarami also affects oil wells. This means you can increase your oil production to ridiculous levels.

You’ll want 200,000 Feras Alsarami units ready, with a million more well on the way. He deserves a place in each of your unions.

3 Dario the mechanical engineer

Scarcity: Epic

Although it only has an “epic” rarity, Dario the Mechanical Engineer is one of the most powerful items in the game. It allows you to craft sewing machines with nothing but iron, bypassing the steel furnace. Since Steel is one of the most needed items in the game, being able to remove it from an entire production run is extremely useful.

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It also saves you additional coal production and related pollution, while also giving you the bonus of producing two high-end items: pocket watches and gramophones. Dario is a must-have for all your Artisan or higher cities.

2 Jörg von Malching

Scarcity: Legendary

Jörg von Malching is very special because he bypasses oil production. You will no longer need oil wells, or transporting oil from the New World to the Old World.

If you put Jörg von Malching (or several copies of him) next to your mines and increase productivity with electric power, you can get more than enough oil from your mines alone. The extra gold ore doesn’t hurt either.

1 Bruno Ferbrillant

Scarcity: Legendary

The best item in the game is none other than Bruno Ironbright. That’s if you have the Docklands DLC. Bruno improves the productivity of your bicycle factories, sewing machine factories and cabin assembly lines. It also produces advanced weapons and steam engines every three cycles.

If you surround Bruno with the factories he affects, you will have a huge production of advanced weapons and steam engines. You can either sell them or exchange them with a very advantageous exchange rate. Whether you want to swap coffee, cigars or champagne, Bruno has you covered.

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