An overview of legislative news and the Capitol for Monday, January 3, 2022 | New policies

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CONDITION OF THE STATE: Governor Kim Reynolds will deliver his annual State of the State Address at 6 p.m. Jan. 11 from the Iowa House bedroom on Capitol Hill.

Iowa PBS will be providing an online livestream, and it can be watched on the Governor’s Facebook page.

DOT OFFICES CLOSED: All Iowa Department of Transportation commercial sites will be closed Jan. 17 for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. All Iowa DOT driver’s license service centers, normally open Tuesday to Saturday, will be closed on January 15 due to the holiday. Regular office hours will resume at 8:30 a.m. on January 18.

Many people, including commercial driver’s license holders, may be able to do business license deals online at

The fastest way to get a driver’s license is to make an appointment on the website. Walk-in clients will be served weather permitting.

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SPANISH LEGAL FORMS: The Iowa Judiciary has launched its first free interactive court form for self-represented Spanish speakers, Divorcio sin Hijos (Childless Divorce).

Iowa Interactive Court Forms uses a question-and-answer format to collect information, identify necessary forms, and complete approved forms for users. For Divorcio sin Hijos, the interview and instructions for printing, signing and filing forms with the court are in Spanish.

Each interview includes information in plain language and works on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Users can record their responses and complete the interview later.

Future goals include translating other interactive forms and other documents on the website. The translated interactive forms are one example of the Iowa judiciary’s commitment to improving access to justice.

Online interviews are available on the Iowa Judicial Branch website.

TELEPHONE EXCHANGE CARD: The Iowa Utilities Board and the Chief Information Officer have made available an interactive map outlining the boundaries of the incumbent local wireline central offices – the local telephone companies that provide traditional voice service.

The electronic tool provides a statewide Geographic Information System map with layers that detail Iowa county boundaries, telephone codes, historic central office areas, and central office boundaries. telephone. Users can browse map layers, with the ability to zoom in or out and print sections of interest.

The IUB started working with the Office of the Chief Information Officer in September 2020 on an online Geographic Information System mapping tool and the design of a GIS data warehouse for utility board. The IUB released its first interactive map, for state-wide electrical service providers, in April 2021. The online map replaces existing paper maps registered with the IUB.

The map can be accessed on the IUB website under the “Quick Links” column on the right side of the home page under “View a map of the utility service area”.

CEDAR FALLS – As students moved outside Cedar Falls High School waiting for a Black Lives Matter protest to start, a few tr…

'It changes your life, even if you don't die:' Months later, COVID-19 survivors don't know if life will ever return to normal

“The argument is always, ‘Is this going to go away? Will our body adapt or is this something permanent? “Which is a big worry.”

If you need to test the theory that laughter is the best medicine, you could take an hour to visit the Payne family. They insist that you do, in fact.

Matt Rolinger was the image of success - and a meth addict.  His family speaks out

“There are people who would say Matthew damaged our family’s reputation. It’s not the way we look at it at all.”

“The most important thing for me, I think, is the awareness for that… but also just to remind people to be nice, to be a good human.”

September 11 caused fear in the local Muslim community, but has worsened in recent years

Islamophobia existed before September 11, but attitudes changed after the attacks, with some condemning all of religion for the actions of a few radicalized individuals.

WATCH NOW: African-American Cultural Center hopes to be a beacon for the community

The African American Cultural Center in Waterloo has been ignored, denigrated and besieged by leadership setbacks over the years. Now they’re trying to become something the founders envisioned: a beacon of the city’s rich black history.


A traffic stop on a Black Waterloo resident this summer was concluded as a ‘case of mistaken identity’, according to police, while the man detained by the police says he hopes for changes in the way whose police carry out such checks in the future.

Waterloo makes history with majority black council, Hart wins 4th term as mayor

Three of the four races were won by black candidates, meaning that with current Ward 4 councilor Jerome Amos, the council is predominantly black for the first time in history, while being headed by a black mayor. .