A man bought an Amazon return pallet and was shocked at the number of items he received

A YouTuber and his partner were stunned as they sorted through the huge amount of items they received after buying an Amazon return pallet.

As one of the most popular marketplaces in the world, it’s no secret that Amazon sells a lot of products to customers around the world, but it also handles a lot of returns.

It could be because the products are faulty, broken or just plain junk, but YouTuber Tom and his partner Moon decided to take a gamble by buying a pallet full of returns to see what he could get.

“There’s £6,000 worth of customer returns in this pallet and we’re going to open it straight away,” he began in his video, while pointing to the giant pile of plastic-wrapped goods behind him.

The price of these palettes can vary, with most costing around £300, and although Tom hasn’t revealed how much he paid for his palette, there’s no denying that he got a good deal out of them.

Tom and Moon have found all sorts of unusual items in their returns palette. Credit: Toms Boxes/YouTube

In the video, Tom could be seen cutting through the black plastic wrapped around his many boxes and digging through the palette to see what wonders it contained.

Along with a few rogue items like an LED light-up mirror, self-watering plant pots, and two giant pregnancy pillows, the couple also received not one, not two, but three 3D printers, as well as a built-in loudspeaker and five cordless vacuum cleaners. .

Overall, however, the palette contained things that really only offered a fairly specific use, such as a karaoke speaker and microphone, five brake bleed kits, two engine compression kits, two woven boxes and a bag full of bean bag filler – but no bean bag, unfortunately.

In terms of personal care and health, the couple have become the proud owners of four electric neck warmers, three water flossers, a heart rate sensor and cycling shoes, and they will also be able to decorate their house. with some new additions thanks to the five Kyymit table lamps found in the palette.

Tom and Moon found a karaoke mic in the box.  Credit: Toms Boxes/YouTube
Tom and Moon found a karaoke mic in the box. Credit: Toms Boxes/YouTube

The total contents of the palette came to £6,000, although it’s unclear how much Tom and Moon will actually use the various items.

Still, the video certainly made for great content on Tom’s page, which describes itself as “the best unboxing channel on YouTube!” »

One viewer said the video made them laugh so much they “spit up” their tea, while others simply expressed their “love” for the videos and for Tom and Moon as a partnership.