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A local sports retail store doubles as a community hub in a unique business service — PtboCanada

A local sports retail store doubles as a community hub in a unique business service — PtboCanada

What looks like a sportswear store, owner Mark Million of The capital’s PTBO created a community hub for the sports community in downtown Peterborough which opened on Monday.

Mark Million also works as an estate agent for Bowes & Cocks Limited Brokerage. Photo by David Tuan Bui.

The store sells sportswear such as hats, shirts, and collectibles, but provides a venue for other sports outlets. The space offers free rental space for events such as sports banquets, press conferences or fancy projects.

Guests can use the space as a library for the sports books available on site, play table hockey or watch the game free of charge in a safe and welcoming environment.

“We’re not here to make you money. We’re here to let you enjoy the moment,” Million said. not a scary space, it’s a safe space run by entrepreneurs.”

Million worked in retail with his brother for about four years before changing careers to become a real estate agent for Bowes & Cocks Limited Brokerage. The brothers have returned to retail after a friend’s suggestion to open a business since a department store closed last February, leaving a void in the sportswear market.

“Retail was my first love and I’ve been doing it for many, many years,” Million said. “National Sports announced they were closing which really started to get the ball rolling. If we were to take a photo, go for it.

The logo is made of wood and was designed by Million’s son. Photo by David Tuan Bui.

The name of the store has local roots as the logo was designed by Million’s son. The Market Hall Clock Tower represents the line and legacy of the Million family in Peterborough history.

“My grandfather’s grandfather (on my mother’s side) had the first business under the clock in the 1840s-50s,” Million said. “He had a fish market, it was the first one under the clock tower, so bringing that was fun.”

The store currently carries Electric City Football Club clothing and is in the process of securing the rights to sell Peterborough Petes products.

“It’s a no-brainer for us to be involved in local sports and there’s such a rich history here between lacrosse, hockey and the Electric City soccer team that goes back about 120 years,” said declared Million.

Although the space looks like a retail store at first glance, entering the store will show the true experience that The Capital PTBO has to offer.

“Come check out our space, don’t buy anything,” Million said. “I don’t need the sale so much, I need you to understand what this space could mean for your sports organization or for your club or whatever. We want it to be an inclusive space for anyone who is comfortable doing this sort of thing.

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